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I cannot begin to tell you how prompt and responsive of a service I received. I reached out on a Saturday for service after calling several other wildlife removal companies within my area. The other wildlife removal companies did not return my calls or respond to me. I contacted Paul, and he responded. Initially, he told me he could not make it out to my area, but after reaching out a second time to Paul because I was out of options, he set an appointment to come out. One of the most knowledgeable, down to earth and professional guys you will meet. He provided details on how the starling birds were getting into my house and offered some solutions to resolve the issues. Paul walked me through a step by step options to resolve my issues. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate someone who cares about their job and was able to provide a great service. Thank you for the assistance, and I can’t conclude this without saying he is HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



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