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Ant Removal

Out of all of the pests we discover in our homes; ants are among the most common. These tiny insects can arrive by the hundreds and quickly compromise the comfort of your home. As they climb over furniture and onto the walls, you realize what a big challenge you have on your hands. Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal is your number one ally as you set off to get rid of ants and other pests from your home. We’re the experienced team you need by your side to successfully reclaim your home’s safety. Here’s how we can help. 

Reasons for Ants in the Home

Ants arrive when they find an adequate food source, a space to build their colony, and openings in the home that are not addressed. Over time, they can multiply and become a huge issue since removing all ants proves challenging using conventional methods. Notably, ants can leave a trail of a pheromone that attracts even more. Ants often build satellite colonies in addition to the main colony, meaning multiple areas need to be addressed to eliminate the problem. Fortunately, a professional pest removal company has all of the tools necessary to swiftly take care of the problem. 

We’ll arrive and inspect the issue, so we know exactly what to do. Our strategy is individualized according to your needs, so you can expect our solutions to be highly effective. We use tried and true methods to remove ants from all parts of your home without causing damage to any pets or belongings.  

Issues With Ants

Ants can cause all kinds of problems in the home. As they build colonies and take over, they may get into your kitchen and even your food. Ant queens are a particular concern, as they can lay up to 800 eggs in a single day and live for more than 10 years. There are thousands of different kinds of ants, too, all of which have their own issues. For instance, carpenter ants can damage your furniture and foundation, while other ants can be painful when they bite. That’s why it’s best to let our team handle it for you. 

Our Dedication to You

We are well aware of the effects that pests and wildlife have on your home. It can be difficult to sleep with unwanted visitors in your home, and you may be concerned about the property you invested so much into. As a result, our team’s mission is to provide dependable pest removal services that you can depend on. We pride ourselves on being a company that provides excellent results at all times and listens to our requests carefully. We want you to reclaim your home’s comfort, and we make it easier by providing the support you need. 

All of our jobs are done on an individual basis since your needs are unique. We inspect the area carefully and set off with an effective pest removal plan to eliminate the ants in a pet-friendly way. By the time we’re done, you’ll feel much better knowing the ants are out of your home, both now and into the future, since we return to inspect the area and confirm we removed all traces. 

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Business and Home Damage Repair

We know that removing the pests is not the only problem. In certain cases, they can create home and business damage. Even a relatively small ant problem can cause unseen inner damage to a building’s structure. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide various repairs for your home or business at affordable prices.



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