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Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana Wasp Removal

Finding wasp nests around or inside your home calls for immediate intervention. Wasps have a harsh sting that hurts and swells, which puts you and your family at risk if you attempt to remove the nest yourself. You don’t want to let a wasp problem get out of control, so talk to our professionals as soon as possible to get the treatment you need. Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal has assisted countless homeowners by providing the effective pest removal solutions they need to get rid of these dangerous pests once and for all. 

Reasons You Have Wasps

Wasps commonly build nests in eaves, soffits, and other exterior features. Flowers and plants attract these pests, as well as garbage cans. These insects build nests out of leaves and other debris, and these structures can become quite large. Sometimes, they build nests close to your home or directly on your foundation, in corners and under overhangs, or even beneath deck furniture. Finding a wasp nest under your table or chairs is never a pleasant surprise, so if you need assistance, don’t wait to call our team. 

While you may not think too much about wasps initially, they can prove bothersome as their numbers increase, which makes enjoying the outdoors difficult. It’s unusual for a wasp to sting unprovoked, but they sometimes turn hostile if they feel threatened. Wasps are particularly dangerous to individuals who have an allergy to their venom. 

Professional Wasp Removal 

Professionally removing the wasps is often the safest option. Considering how they may sting if they are disturbed, moving their nests is hardly a good idea. Likewise, you may not realize the true extent of the trouble, as sometimes the issue is bigger than what meets the eye. Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal takes an integrated approach:

  • Inspection and Documentation – Wasps typically build their nests in specific locations, so we know exactly where to look. We document these areas as part of our routine investigation, letting us pay special attention to locations where wasp populations are dense.
  • Careful Handling – Our experts handle wasps with care, as we recognize which species tend to be aggressive. A wasp’s sting is no laughing matter, so we take great measures to avoid being hurt. 
  • Right Products and Equipment – Our team brings in the best each and every time. As a professional pest control company, we know which products are most effective on wasps and any other pest problems you may have. Our equipment is a much higher grade than standard over-the-counter products, so you can expect outstanding results.  

Long-term management is key, so we’ll also make suggestions on managing food waste and other recommendations to promote wasp control. Keeping the wasps away is easier with our professional team by your side, so you can depend on us for solutions that work. 

Get Rid of Your Wasp Infestation

Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal can eliminate wasps on your property, we have the tools and expertise needed. Call us today to let our professional team inspect the issue. You’ll be pleased by the work we do for you!

Business and Home Damage Repair

We know that removing the pests is not the only problem. In certain cases, they can create home and business damage. Even a relatively small ant problem can cause unseen inner damage to a building’s structure. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide various repairs for your home or business at affordable prices.



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