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Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana Mosquito Control

If you’ve ever tried to enjoy a peaceful evening outdoors, you’ve likely encountered one of the most common pests: mosquitoes. These insects typically arrive around summer and are a hindrance to any homeowner. Of course, mosquitoes are more than simply annoying. They can carry diseases that put you and your family’s health at risk, so you need a solution that has maximum impact. Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal has your back. Our experienced technicians will have no problem eliminating your mosquito problem. Reach out to learn what we can do for you.  

Problems Caused by Mosquitoes

There’s nothing quite like spending a warm summer night outdoors—that is, until you feel the familiar sensation of a mosquito buzzing in your ear. Mosquitoes are bothersome and one of the most common pests that mainly appear in the warmer months. They like to gather around standing water and come out at dusk, so keeping your yard clear of moisture and staying away from shaded areas in the evening can help you avoid the bite. 

Yet what do you do if there’s an unexpectedly large number of mosquitoes, or if they get into your home? It’s time to call a professional team that can handle the issue with ease. The team at Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal removes all mosquitoes and their larvae using safe, effective methods.

Treatments for Mosquitoes

Professional mosquito removal is much different than what you’d do on your own. Many store-bought products are ineffective or contain harmful chemicals. Our team handles the issue in a controlled way. 

We start with a detailed inspection since this is the foundation of superior pest control. Our technicians will arrive and carefully examine the most common places where mosquitoes may be hiding, as well as breeding grounds to eliminate further problems down the line. This also lets us build an effective strategy that’s unique to your situation. Mosquitoes come in many different breeds, and no two jobs are exactly alike. We bring the most talented technicians out there to handle the task, so we take great care to plan accordingly from the get-go. 

A few examples of professional mosquito treatments include: 

  • Focus on Breeding Sites – Mosquitoes can lay up to two hundred eggs at a time. Breeding grounds are often the best place to target to prevent the numbers from increasing further. 
  • Mist Treatment – Once we’ve determined which areas of your property need to be treated, we apply a special insecticide that’s similar to a mist. The insecticide is added to anywhere mosquitoes rest, including shaded areas, flower beds, plants, windows, and more. The mist treatment is low-grade and not harmful to pets or children. 
  • Insecticides – We can also apply insecticides to vegetation and water as these are the locations where they typically acquire sustenance and build homes. Our professional-grade insecticides are harsh on mosquitoes while being one of the safest ways to treat these pests.  

Each of these treatments is key to successfully limiting mosquito populations and controlling the problem. 

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Business and Home Damage Repair

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