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Rats & Mice

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Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana Rodent Removal

Among all of the rodents that can crawl their way into your home, rats and mice tend to be the most common. These tiny animals work their way into the nooks and crannies of your home and build nests that can turn into extensive colonies if ignored. Between the diseases they carry and the messes they make, you don’t want to ignore this pest problem. The team at Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal can arrive and take care of the problem right away. 

Signs You Have Mice or Rats in Your Home

If you’ve spotted signs of mice in your home, or if you’ve seen one in broad daylight, you want to know where it came from. It’s not just poor housekeeping alone that draws mice. While having crumbs lying around can attract both rats and mice, they slip inside through various entry points. Rats and mice are both adept at squeezing through small, tight spaces, including cracks in the foundation. Any gap can serve as an entryway for these critters, and once they’re inside, they make their home surrounded by warmth and food sources they find. 

Signs that you have a mouse or rat infestation on your hands include: 

  • Scratches – Rats have poor vision, so they scuttle around through common routes, which can lead to areas becoming worn down. As they dig around for food or places to nest, mice and rats may leave tiny claw marks on your walls, floors, and furniture. 
  • Droppings – One of the telltale signs is finding rat droppings, as these critters leave up to 40 per night. They may be found in specific locations near the nesting area. 
  • Strange Noises – Mice often make squeaking noises and other sounds as they run around. You may hear their feet moving from inside their hiding spot. 
  • Holes – Rats are adept at digging and building extensive structures that are used for shelter. You may find nests next to objects located both indoors and outdoors. 

As soon as you’ve identified signs of rats or mice, you’ll want to call our professionals. Mice and rats have no place in your home, and we’ll do everything we can to remove every last trace of them. 

The Dangers of Mice and Rats

You may not think it’s a huge deal if you spot a single mouse running along the outside of your home. However, when there’s one, there’s often many more hiding just out of sight. Rats and mice build large homes and reproduce relatively quickly, creating a huge problem for any unsuspecting homeowner. These critters also spread harmful diseases that can taint food and cause sickness in people. Fleas are also a major concern, which can bring unwanted diseases into your home. As such, it’s advised that you don’t attempt to handle rodents on your own, since handling them poses a threat to your health. Plus, many DIY methods fail to be effective in treating the issue. 

Buzzed Up Pest & Wildlife Removal uses ethical methods to round up all of the mice and rats in your home. We keep our workers safe while prioritizing your satisfaction. With our team at your side, removing mice and rats is a stress-free experience. Get in touch today to schedule an inspection.

Business and Home Damage Repair

We know that removing the pests is not the only problem. In certain cases, they can create home and business damage. Even a relatively small ant problem can cause unseen inner damage to a building’s structure. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide various repairs for your home or business at affordable prices.



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